Hey there! :)

I'm a third-year Computer Science major engaged in Artificial Intelligence research at University of California, Berkeley. I'm exploring research interests in Human-Robot Interaction, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. I am graduating this semester and earning my B.A. in Computer Science. I also have experience with back-end engineering, with knowledge of systems, databases, internet, and security.

Starting Fall 2019, I'll be continuing my studies at UC Berkeley for exactly one year in pursuit of an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, in Artificial Intelligence. I'll be developing my thesis under Professor Anca Dragan in the InterACT lab.

This summer I'll be working at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) at Menlo Park as an AI Research Engineering Intern, tackling problems in Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

Here you can see my qualifications, my education, and my projects. Feel free to contact me at shermanluo@berkeley.edu.

I built this website to teach myself about HTML, CSS, Node.js, and simple web-development Javascript tools. Everything is pretty much made from scratch -- no templates, bootstrap, nothing. For this reason, it doesn't really look too good compared to those fancy-schmancy personal websites out there (this was one of my first coding projects!), but it's fully mine and it's here to stay :)


University of California, Berkeley
Major: Computer Science
GPA: 3.974, Technical GPA: 4.0

  • CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs A
  • CS 61B: Data Structures A
  • CS 70: Discrete Math and Probability theory A
  • CS 61C: Computer Architecture A+
  • CS 170: Algorithms and Intractible Problems A+
  • CS 188: Artificial Intelligence A+
  • CS 186: Databases A+
  • CS 161: Computer Security A
  • STAT 134: Probability A+
  • Math 54: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations A+
  • EE16A: Electrical Engineering I A+
  • CS 189: Machine Learning A
  • EECS 127: Convex Optimization A

  • CS 162: Operating Systems In Progress
  • CS 280: Computer Vision In Progress

  • Dean's List
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon Nu Chapter, Top 1/3 of CS majors

Evergreen Valley College
GPA: 4.0
Relevant courses:

  • Math 073: Multivariable Calculus A


Undergraduate Researcher - Spring 2018 to Current, InterACT Lab, UC Berkeley
- Currently working on qualitatively comaparing different approaches for solving multi-agent dynamic games. I've written one first-author paper so far on Explainable Plan Corrections (link coming soon). Currently conducting research under Professor Anca Dragan.
CS70 Undergraduate Student Instructor - Fall 2018 to Current, UC Berkeley EECS Department
- Taught Discrete Math and Probability sections for 30+ students twice a week, held office hours, and graded/helped write exams and homework in order to help students gain understanding of important mathematical concepts critical for CS theory.
Software Engineering Intern - Summer 2018, ServiceNow, Santa Clara
- Built a application on the ITOM Cloud Insights team to efficiently clean and analyze raw cloud billing data for services like AWS and Azure in order to provide statistics and usage suggestions for cloud services.
Director of Education - Spring 2018 to Current, Codeology Club, UC Berkeley
- Served as Education Coordinator for Codeology at Berkeley: Computer Science club that helps members find a role in the tech industry. I coordinate and teach technical weekly workshops.
Web Development Chair - Spring 2018, Upsilon Pi Epsilon Nu Chapter, UC Berkeley
- Served as Web Development Chair for Upsilon Pi Epsilon: Computer Science Honor Society. I manage a committee that develops and updates our organization website. We work on projects to implement essential features and promote our resources to the CS Department. Written in Django.


TeddyTA - First Place Winner Cisco Spark API, CalHacks 4.0, 2017

A Chatbot that handles announcements, grades, organization, and much more to help teachers manage their classes on Cisco Spark, an upcoming competitor to Slack. In addition to this, we created a web server to store information offline and utilize API calls to add NLP functionalities to identify key concepts and provide summaries of the day's discussion.

https://shermanluo.herokuapp.com/ - 2017

You're on it right now! This is my personal website created using HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and Node.js and hosted on a free Heroku server. Utilizes modules such as the Express framework, and the form is connected to a MongoDB server hosted by mlab.com

SuperMarioMan Remix - 2016 CalHacks, University of California Berkeley

SuperMarioMan Remix is a game I created during CalHacks 3.0, over a period of 36 hours. This mobile Android game was created in the Unity game engine using C#, with sound and art taken from the internet. Though it was once on the Google Play store, it was unfortunately removed due to copyright issues.

PacMan Reloaded - 2015 NHSGA, Carnegie Mellon University

My first game for the PC at Carnegie Mellon created over the course of one week, in which I was the lead programmer. Coded in the Unity game engine using C#, sound and art developed by teammates.

FloatyLoon - 2015 NHSGA, Carnegie Mellon University

A drag and evade game created in Unity. Art and sound assets created by teammates, and I did the core programming using C#. Enemies change as you travel higher and higher, and difficulty increases.


Teaching & Office Hours

I love teaching! At a club called Codeology, I teach technical CS interview skills to give students the skills they need to be confident in the tech industry. I was formerly an Undergraduate Student Instructor for UC Berkeley's CS 70. I also helped teach Berkeley's CS61A as a course staff tutor.

As a graduate student next year in 2019-2020, I plan to do a lot of teaching. Check back here for updates on my teaching schedule!